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  • Flora and fauna of Kamchatka

              Flora and fauna of this region are very different. This is due to a variety of terrain of the peninsula and a large number of climate zones. In places where there is no civilization, nature has retained its original appearance.
              On the territory of Kamchatkainhabits 918 species of animals, birds and fish. Among animals, and the most interesting are the brown bear, moose, caribou, bighorn sheep. Here you can find even a wolverine, but there are no reptiles in Kamchatka, and it is a good news for tourists.

              Without a doubt, the king of the Kamchatka fauna is the brown bear. Its population is over 15 000 individuals. In the spring bear come on the first green grass to the hot springs, in the summer — at the spawning grounds, where they become the patient and skilled hunters, and in autumn they often appear on the berries, which is famous for Kamchatka. For example, in the Valley of Geysers, where the bears come in the spring to fed up, you can see to 19 individuals at the same time! It is therefore particularly popular among tourists not cheap tours with a visit to the Valley of Geysers, because here you can see the brown bears in their natural habitat. This place is a paradise for photographers. Here you can make great photos even with non-professional camera. However, you should be careful and do not forget that a bear is a wild animal, unpredictable and dangerous. Brown bears are distinguished rare stamina and strength, excellent swimmers, and can reach speed of up to 60 km / h.

              There are all kinds of Pacific salmon and many other fish: trout, salmon, sockeye salmon, grayling, salmon in the reservoirs of the peninsula. Deep lakes and fast rivers promise to fishermen a great catch. There is a popular delusion that the caviar and other seafood delicacies are very cheap on the Kamchatka Peninsula. It is not so: the prices are not lower than in the European part of Russia, but products are fresh and natural.
              The flora of Kamchatka is also interesting. In total, here plant about 1,166 species of plants. Compared with other regions, it is not very much. However, Kamchatkas nature is untouched by civilization. Because of the short summer (in some places there is much snow until June, and in September you can already expect frost) time of flowering plants is very short. Therefore, only in 2 months here you can see how change each other all sorts of flowers and herbs, from the willow-herb to small wild chrysanthemums.

              Also is interesting another feature of the peninsula — Pacific high grass. Often the grass is 3 meters high! Kamchatkas swamps are also very beautiful. Here grow sundew, cotton grass, watches and other moisture-loving plants. Incidentally, in developed countries, there are fewer swamps: they are draining, believing that they are harmful to agriculture. However, the swamps of Kamchatka have not yet touched by people, so you should hurry up to enjoy this lush green world.

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