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    Kamchatka is one of the most beautiful regions of Russia. Few people have ever been there, but everyone knows that Kamchatka is a region of volcanoes, brown bears and salmon in the clean rivers.

    It is interesting and beautiful at any time of year here. Summer in Kamchatka is short but warm (at least during the day), with a slight breeze from the Pacific Ocean and the clear weather, when you can perfectly see from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky the ridge of "home" volcanoes - Avachinsky Kozelsky, Koryak. July and August is the perfect time for a trip to Kamchatka. It's warm here, almost no strong winds and torrential rains. You can climb volcanoes, do boat trips on Avacha bay, and do horse trips to the mountains.

    In autumn forests of Kamchatka are painted in amazing colors, from bright crimson to brownish-yellow. The air becomes colder, and in the morning the green grass is covered with night frost. Until October you can make trips to volcanoes, as well as helicopter tours in the Valley of the Geysers and the Kurile Lake.

    Winter is a heavenly time, and not only for fans of snowboarding and skiing, but for those who likes active recreation in the fresh frosty air. There is no bad weather in Kamchatka: warm comfortable clothing - and you can go to conquer the slopes of the volcano! In the winter you can snowmobiling, visiting the beautiful Vilyuchinsky waterfall and bathing in hot thermal springs. And if you want something new, do not miss the annual sled dog race, which takes place in March and lasts for several days. There you'll meet a blue-eyed husky Laikas, kindest dogs in the world.

    Winter on the Kamchatka is long. There is often much snow until May-June, so the summer season begins in late June, when the fields are covered with tall grass, and the slopes of volcanoes are covered with colorful low-growing flowers.

    Anyway, pick a time and go to Kamchatka! Here are beautiful at any time of year. We are waiting for you!

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