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  • Tolbachik. On the trail of catastrophe. Economy version

    TOURS TO KAMCHATKASUMMER ON KAMCHATKATours to KamchatkaTolbachik. On the trail of catastrophe. Economy version

    Cost for one person:
    596,38  €

    During this tour you will visit Kamchatkas amazing and fascinating place, where in July 1975 started more Tolbachic fissure eruption.

    Tolbachik. On the trail of catastrophe. Economy version
    5 days / 4 nights

    On the surface of the earth revealed cracks along which began to operate four vents splashing flaming jet of molten lava to a height of 150 meters. Ash cloud rised up in the sky, nearly 10 kilometers. From the abundant precipitation of ash and slag in place of a breakthrough began to grow new volcanic cones — North and South breakthroughs, of which surface is poured out red-hot lava flows. During the 17 months lasted this fantastic spectacle of nature. This was a truly rare event of the twentieth century. It is one of the six most powerful of fissure eruptions on Earth over the past 2,000 years.

    Dates of the tour to Kamchatka in 2013:


























    Accommodation: at the recreation center, on the route in tents and tourist lodges.
    Meals on tour: full board, food is prepared on a fire or gas stove.
    Cost of the tour for 1 person in the group is 22 000 RUB,

    Tour program to Kamchatka

    Day 1 Start of excursion tour to the volcano Tolbachik. Departure by car to Kozyrevsk. On the way you have a lunch at a cafe in Milkovo (300 km). Ferry across the Kamchatka river (500 km). Arriving in Kozyrevsk. Dinner in the dining room. Overnight in tourist lodges.
    Day 2 Early breakfast. Continued to move to Tolbachik volcano (80 km). The road goes up, gradually gaining altitude. The route goes along the amazing coniferous forest, low-growing shrubs and scorched volcanic desert. Lunch. Departure to the North cone of Tolbachinsky fissure eruption in 1975 radial route (3 km.) With climbing and exploring the crater of a volcanic cone, where until now there is a manifestation of volcanic activity. Return to the camp. Dinner. Overnight in tents

    Day 3 Breakfast. Departure at the foot of the volcano Flat Tolbachik (2.5 km.). Climbing to the crater of a volcano Flat Tolbachik (3085 m). As a result Grand Tolbachic fissure eruption collapsed bottom wells of a crater on the top and formed a caldera with a depth of 500 m and a width of about 1,7 km. Inspection of the crater and surrounding landscapes. The ascent takes 8-10 hours. Lunch. Returning to the camp. Dinner.
    Day 4 Breakfast. Transfer by car to the tract of dead wood and to the South cones of Tolbachinsky eruption in 1976. Lunch. Walking to the lava flows. Excursion to the «dead wood.» Returning by car to the camp. Departure to Kozyrevsk (80 km). Overnight in private hotel. Bath. Dinner.
    Day 5 Breakfast. Depart for return trip (500 km). On the way lunch.

    WARNING! Under adverse environmental conditions may change the sequence of transmission of the tour.

    The price includes:
    • guide service throughout the tour;

    • chef services throughout the tour;
    • basic equipment (tents, kitchen utensils, rafts, etc.);
    • transport services (bus, car-road);
    • accommodation at the hotel

    • food along the route: three times a day, meals are prepared on a gas stove.

    Additional charges:
    • Purchase of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes;

    • purchase of souvenirs.
    • tourist equipment rental;
    • tickets (economical to buy in the winter).

    Recommended equipment:
    • backpack or travel bag;

    • sleeping bag, camping mat, telescopic poles;
    • hiking shoes or rubber boots, removable shoes (sneakers);
    • personal hygiene items, bath accessories;
    • hooded jacket and pants from waterproof fabric;
    • sweater fliska;
    • sunglasses, headlamp;
    • hat and gloves;
    • Personal first aid kit;
    • mosquito net, mosquito spray;

    On all matters of organization of the tour to Kamchatka, please contact the agency 'PIONEER TOUR'. Our company is one of the few firms in Moscow, which has its office in Kamchatka, his equipment (from rafts to cookware) and all-terrain vehicles (KAMAZ 43114). The Agency offers commission — 10%.

    Moscow office

    pl. Tverskaya Zastava, 3, off.235
    (499) 250-93-47
    (499) 575-02-60

    ICQ: 349504203 Ilsiyar
    Skype: pionertur


    Kamchatka office

    sity Elizovo
    Zavoyko st., 6

    +7 924 689 25-55

    +7 (415-31)7-17-67 Daria