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  • Volcanoes of Kamchatka

                Everyone knows Kamchatka — the land of volcanoes. There are more than 300 volcanoes on the peninsula, and about 28 of them are acting. At any time may start the eruption with the eruption of hot lava flows and emission of black ash that can change the terrain and landscape of Kamchatka beyond recognition. So we suggest to hurry up and make one of the best journeys of your life!
    Kamchatkas volcanoes are the part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, and their exact number has not yet been determined. Volcanoes are very diverse in their shape and appearance, some of them look like hills, and scientists classify it as a hill. So it may eventually turn out that there are more volcanoes on the peninsula.
               Anyway, some of the volcanoes are particularly attractive. For example, Gorely volcano is very interesting. The last eruption of Gorely was happened in summer of 2010. Caldera (oval depression of volcanic origin, formed during an eruption or during the time) is 12 kilometers. In the crater of Gorely is a great lake blue.
               But be prepared for the fact that Gorely has not a traditional cone shape, which all represent themselves before the trip to Kamchatka. Gorely is a ridged array, which was formed by the merger of several cones. Top of the volcano crowned by a unique collection of 11 (!) Craters. They cross and create an interesting picture. Gorely is particular interesting for geologists: it is possible to clearly study the processes of transformation of volcanic products. Do not be lazy, go up the Gorely!
    You fall in love with the Kamchatkas volcanoes still in the airplane when you fly up to Avacha Bay. Early in the morning you'll see in a window towering ridge of volcanoes. This so-called «home» volcanoes: Koryak, Avachinsky, Vilyuchinsky and Kozelsky. Mountain ranges stretch for hundreds of miles away. Locals can determine the weather, coming of spring and the early winter of the tops of these volcanoes.
              These volcanoes are located very close to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (25 km), so there's always a lot of people: in winter and spring – snowboarderas and athletes, and in the summer — tourists and hikers. These volcanoes are located close to the city, and rise them easy, so do not miss the chance to rise up and enjoy the spectacular views.
              Volcano Klyuchevskoy is very interesting. Its altitude reaches 4750 meters and it is the largest active volcano in Eurasia. Klyuchevskoy is more than 8,000 years old and its first eruption was in 17 century. Since then, the volcano has erupted many times, but did not bring any inconvenience to the residents of town Kluchi, which is located only in 30 km from the volcano.
    Koryak volcano is also interesting. It has a beautiful cone of true shape and height of 3456 meters. There are glaciers on the sides, and the top is covered with snow. There are fumaroles from cracks (gas stream with temperature above 500 C) and the crater area is warm.

               Volcanoes of Kamchatka attract travelers in the first place with unusual formations, fumaroles, an interesting form of craters. The volcano Dzendzur, for example, is interesting for its boiler fumarole, in which melt-water drains. There are fumaroles on the banks of the boiler and at its bottom, and the water temperature reaches 90 C! The walls of the boiler are made up of colored clay.
    Volcano Ksudach is interesting for its calderas, which are filled with beautiful crater lakes. There are hot springs along the shores of lakes Kluchevoe and Shtubel. There is amazing hot beach on the shore of Shtyubelevskie hot springs and the water temperature reaches 70 C. The surface of the lake swim colored colonies of thermophilic algae. Thickets of alder thickets, fields and tundra, cinder slopes of the volcano, overgrown with grass, crater lakes — all this gives to volcano Ksudach its own unique charm. In the caldera of volcano originates the river Teplaya, which comes down as a waterfall. Ksudach, without a doubt, is one of the most prominent environmental sites in Kamchatka. He was declared a natural sanctuary landscape of ecological character.

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