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  • Excursion to Avachinsky volcano

    TOURS TO KAMCHATKAWINTER ON KAMCHATKAExcursion to Avachinsky volcano

    Cost for one person:
    190,00  €

    Snowmobiling on the snowy fields of Kamchatka is a really winter fun! Fresh air, wind in your face, the volcanoes on the horizon ...

    Excursion to Avachinsky volcano

              The whole day you spend outdoors, riding a snowmobile on the creaking snow. Highway to Avachinsky volcano goes through the forest zone, so the caps of snow on the firs, deep drifts at the edges of the road, the bright sun in the crown of trees and, of course, a good mood are waiting for you. Spend a wonderful day in good company! You will enjoy it!

    The season of tours: December-May
    Duration: 6-7 hours
    Travel time: 4-5 hours
    The level of complexity of the route: average
    Number of snowmobiles: from one (on the same snowmobile are 1-2 persons, with total weight not exceeding 160 kg)
    Timings: Daily from 12:30
    Route: Start the ski area base «Forest» — a Route to Avachinsky volcano through forest belt, the dry river — a return to base 


      Tour program on Kamchatka


    Meeting on the start (ski area base «Forest», is specified separately). Instruction in safety.


    Start on the route. On the route you will have  hot tea / coffee and light lunch, photographing. The rent of ski equipment.


    Return to the start.


    The price includes:
    • rent a snowmobile for 1-2 people;
    • instructor's service (1 person for 4 snowmobiles);
    • insurance;
    • tea / coffee, dessert, sandwiches on the route.

    Necessary equipment:
    • winter, warm shoes;
    winter waterproof pants, jacket;
    • mittens (gloves), hat, scarf on face;
    • PPE for the face (cream, lipstick and hygienic);

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