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  • Helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers and Uzon

    TOURS TO KAMCHATKASUMMER ON KAMCHATKAExcursions on KamchatkaHelicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers and Uzon

    Cost for one person:
    630,00  €

    The world-famous Valley of Geysers is located in the heart of Kronotsky reserve in a deep mountain canyon

    Helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers and Uzon

    5 hours
    Number of people in group: 18-20 pax

    Cost for 1 person: 630 EUR,

           The world-famous Valley of Geysers is located in the heart of Kronotsky reserve in a deep mountain canyon. This unique natural object was discovered in 1941 by geologist Tatiana Ustinova. The valley received its name in honor of the 40 geysers and numerous hot springs, pouring into the river for 8 miles. Every geyser is unique. They all have their names and characteristics. In the Valley of Geysers you can watch all the known forms of hydrothermal manifestations in nature: hot lakes, surging boiling springs, steam jets, mud pots and geysers.
           Helicopter trip to the Valley of Geysers runs over picturesque mountain ridges and gully, tundra, volcanoes, rivers and lakes, visitors can observe eruption Karymsky and enjoy the beauty of the turquoise lake of the volcano Small Semyachik.
            A man who has fallen for the first time in the Valley of Geysers, a staggering fantastic saw. So unreal world of the valley, it seems like on the ground can not be what is happening is all on some unknown planet. It is not peculiar to paint landscapes of the earth: on the background of bright green foliage and cedar trees — brown, red, purple, the color of baked clay soil. Air to limit saturated steam and the smell of sulfur.
    Everything around seething, hissing and bubbling!
            In the Valley of Geysers guide introduces visitors to the rules of conduct on the reserve. Tour continues through the wooden grazing trails to the main viewing platforms. The most steep slopes of the plots have a railing. With viewing platforms tourists will be able to see and photograph all stages of the eruption of the largest geysers (the Giant, Big, etc.), look at the «Gates of Hell», to admire the red kettles of boiling mud.
            After the 2-hour tour of the Valley of the flight to the caldera Uzon.
           Another unique natural object Kronotsky reserve — Caldera Uzon is a huge cup-shaped hollow, having a size of 9 x 12 km, formed at the site of the destroyed volcano 40,000 years ago.
           Uzon amazing wealth and a form of volcanic manifestations — there are more than thousands of hot springs of varied size, shape and composition, including the hot lakes and boiling cauldrons.
            The total area of ​​thermal fields is 61 thousand square meters. m
            In contrast to the Geyser Valley, caldera Uzon with numerous hot springs and fumaroles was known to local people long ago. This unique natural creation of Kamchadals called «Burning Dolomite», «floating ground».
            There is a lot of heat and freezing lakes. The largest of them — a warm frost cold lake and fumaroles Central, attraction is a maar-lake distant.
    The landslide in the Valley of 03/06/2007 there are new touches to the landscape: dammed lake, lots of boulders and stones.

             Departure for the excursion is from the airport Avachinsky (Elizovo), located 30 kilometers from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

             Transfer to the airport and back is for an additional cost.

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