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    TOURS TO KAMCHATKASUMMER ON KAMCHATKATours to KamchatkaEarth Kamchatka

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    During the tour you will get acquainted with the nature of central Kamchatka, with the area of ​​modern volcanic activity

    Earth Kamchatka

    14 days / 13 nights
    During the tour you will get acquainted with the nature of central Kamchatka, to the area of ​​modern volcanic activity, with a life of indigenous people in the camp «Menedek» and in the village of Esso, visit a unique place — the active volcano Mutnovsky, take boat trips on scenic Avachinskaya Bay.
    Difficulty: This tour is for people with normal physical training.
    Dates in 2013: 24.06, 22.07, 19.08. and to order any day

    Terms: Stay at the recreation center and the hotel in double rooms, en-route in tents on camp. Meals on tour: full board, food is prepared on a fire or gas stove.

    Tour program

    Day 1
    Arrival in Kamchatka. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (40 min). Accommodation at the hotel. Rest. City tour.

    Day 2
    Transfer to the airport «Avachinsky» (30 min). Helicopter excursion to the Valley of the Geysers and the caldera Uzon (6 hours) with flyby volcanoes Karymsky and Small Semyachik. Walking tour of the Valley of Geysers (2 hours), flights to the caldera Uzon, walking tour of the caldera (1 hour). Lunch on the tour. Return. (Excursion performed under favorable weather conditions and extra charge).
    Moving to the car shifts to the area of the village Malki (130 km, 2,5 hours). Putting up the tent camp. Bathing in thermal springs Malkinskiye. Dinner. Overnight in tents.

    Day 3
    Moving to the Volcano Flat Tolbachik through the village Kozyrevsk (450 km, 11-12 hours). On the way stop for lunch in Milkovo, ferry across the river Kamchatka. Magnificent coniferous forest changes with a moonscape, frozen lava flows and recent volcanic cone. Putting up the tent camp on the creek waterfall under the volcano Flat Tolbachik. Overnight in tents.

    Day 4
    Departure by car (10 km) to the cones of the Northern Great breakthrough Tolbachic fissure eruption. As a result of fractured outpouring of lava in 1975 came three cinder cones, lava flows izlilos 15. Moving to the South breakthrough, which is represented by one of cinder cones and extensive lava fields area of ​​39.5 square meters. km. Lava is very diverse in morphology and structure (plate, wavy, etc.). Sightseeing of lava flows, lava caves, «Deadwood.» Return to the camp.

    Day 5
    Climbing the volcano Flat Tolbachik (3085 m), 7-8 hours. Sightseeing of the crater. Flat Tolbachik differs vast area apex, which is occupied by a shallow caldera diameter of 3.7 km, filled with ice. In its western part is active crater. The depth of the crater about 500 meters, a diameter of about 1700m. From the top of panoramic view of volcanoes Klyuchevskaya group and more distant, chains and a group of fifty of cinder cones, densely dotted with a portion of the southern slope — the area where there was the famous Great Tolbachinsky fissure eruption of 1975-1976 years. Lunch. Return to the camp.

    Day 6
    Departure to national settlement Esso (160 km, 4 hours). Accommodation in a private hotel. Swimming in the pool with thermal water. Rest. Visiting the Museum of Ethnography.

    Day 7
    Moving to the national settlement Anavgai (24 km, 0,5 hours). Visiting the evens camp «Menedek». Camp situated on the banks of mountain rivers, two kilometers from the village of Anavgai. On its territory located Even and Koryak dwellings — yurts and yaranga, facilities for storage of clothes and utensils — and mamychki booths. Sacred wooden figures securely guarded trails, protecting hearth from evil spirits. Familiarity with the life of the indigenous population. Concert national ensemble.
    Exit at river Bystraya (Malkinskaya) to the top of the alloy (400 km, 7 hours). Lunch on the way in village Milkovo. Overnight in tents on the riverbank Bystraya.

    Day 8
    A simple rafting in the picturesque mountain river. Fishing for trout, east siberian char, grayling. You can see bears here! Overnight in tents on the beach.

    Day 9
    End of the alloy. Departure to Paratunka. Accommodation at the recreation center. Rest, swimming in the pool with thermal water.

    Day 10
    Exit by car to Mutnovsky volcano (2323 m), 120 km (4 hours). Putting up the tent camp. Overnight in tents.

    Day 11
    Walking tour to the crater of volcano Mutnovsky. The path to the crater lies across ridges Pumice. Ascent to the ridges is easy and takes about an hour. With the ridge offers spectacular views of the caldera with a towering in it volcano Goreliy, volcanoes Opala and Asacha. With the ridge, moving on to the snowfields of the volcano, with a slight climb, tourists come in the gorge of the river Vulkannaya, flowing through the fault of the crater. River in the gorge is closed glacier. Pass into the crater of the complexities is not. Deep crater surrounded by steep cliffs. On the east side to the bottom of the crater from the summit of the volcano down the glacier. Through the ice cracks on the surface are pulled out powerful jets of steam and gas. At the bottom of the crater many bubbling mud boilers, fumaroles, beautiful native sulfur deposits. Go to the crater (6 km, 3 hours). Climb 800 m. Inspection of the crater (2 hours). Snack (dry rations). Return to base camp the same way. By the way check the waterfall in the canyon Dangerous. The excursion lasts 7-8 hours. Overnight in tents.

    Day 12
    Climbing the Volcano Goreliy (1829 m). The rise of the volcano is easy, runs on old lava flows, slag fields. The rise takes 3 hours. The difference in height is of about 900 m. Sightseeing of the main crater of the volcano. The ascent takes 6-7 hours. Return to the camp the same way. Departure to Paratunka.

    Day 13
    Departure to the city to the pier. Boat trip on Avachinskaya bay with access to the Pacific Ocean (5-6 hours) to the island Starichkov. Observation of bird colonies. On the coastal reefs surrounding the island are aggregations of spotted seals and insular seal antura. Fishing. Lunch on the boat. Returning to the city. Visit the fish market and gift shops.

    Day 14
    Transfer to the airport. Departure.

    The price includes:
    transfers, accommodation, transportat, guide service, chef services, catering on the route, group equipment (tents, rafts, kitchen equipment, etc.), a program to Esso and Anavgai, insurance

    The price does not include:
    • Food in the city;
    • helicopter excursion to the Valley of the Geysers and the caldera Uzon – 27 000 RUB, for 1 person.;

    Required personal equipment:
    Backpack, sleeping bag, a polyurethane pad, sturdy shoes with ribbed soles, removable shoes, a windbreaker or a cheater, a set of warm clothes (sweater, pants, socks, hats, gloves), rain cover, light cap, bathing suit, personal hygiene items, sunglasses, anti-mosquito, anti-sunburn, individual first aid kit.

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