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  • Beringia


    Cost for one person:
    190,00  €

    Treat yourself to a winter holiday - visit this exciting event, like a traditional dog sled race.

    3 days / 2 nights


               Arrange a holiday — visit such an exciting event, like a traditional dog sled race. Beringia is held on the Kamchatka Peninsula not the first year, and during that time the race has become well known. You will have the opportunity to socialize with blue-eyed Husky — fearsome in appearance, but very kind at heart. Treat yourself and your children, come to Kamchatka in the early spring and experience the festive atmosphere, a long frost days and the crunch of snow under strong legs faithful friends of man.

    Dates: 11-13 March

    Route cost: Adults 190 EUR, pro person, children up to 6 years — free of charge, children 6-12 years — 30% discount


    Tour program to Kamchatka

    March 11

    9:00 meeting
    9:15 departure to the village Esso, 2 stops on the way
    21:30 arrival in the village Esso, placement in a guest house
    March 12

    11:00 departure by buses to the place of celebration
    12:00 opening ceremony of the race. Race-prologue by 10 km. Events dedicated to the discovery of the race. Offer visit the ethnographic museum.
    Return to the hotel.
    March 13

    8:30 departure to the starting point of the race
    9:00 head start of the race for 950 miles. Departure by buses from village Esso to village Anavgai.  
    11:00 departure to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, 2 stops on the way.


    The price includes:
    • Transfer
    • Accommodation at guest house
    • Hot drinks on the way
    • Insurance

    The price does not include:
    • Meal
    •Additional activities

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    Kamchatka office

    sity Elizovo
    Zavoyko st., 6

    +7 924 689 25-55

    +7 (415-31)7-17-67 Daria